Ivry-sur-le-lac Municipal Elections

Dear AALM members, The mission of L’Association pour l’amélioration du Lac Manitou et de ses environs (AALM) is the following:

  • To provide a vehicle for assuring that the water of Lake Manitou is kept clean and for the preserving and maintaining the quality of life we enjoy so much;
  • To assure that the members are adequately represented on the local Municipal council and that their views are made known to Council whenever necessary;
  • To provide a means for residents of the area to meet and discuss issues of general interest to the community.

With this mission in mind, the executive and Board of Directors of the AALM have requested that all Mayoral candidates help us to inform our members of the candidate’s positions on issues that are important to the AALM by responding to a series of questions that are attached to this document.

Please note that throughout the election campaign, The AALM will not be endorsing any candidate and that the attached questionnaire is not designed to favor any candidate and is strictly intended to provide the members with the specific views of each candidate to help each member make their own decision.  The attached responses from the candidates are presented in alphabetical order.

In addition to the three Mayoral candidates, all voters will be electing the City councillors in the two contested electoral posts #3 and #6.

Please note the following:

  • The documents and ballots for “Voting by Mail” have been sent out by the Municipality this week and must be returned and received by the Clerk or Secretary Treasurer no later than 4:30pm on November 3, 2017.
  •  If you did not receive the “Voting by Mail” document and wish to receive it, please contact the returning officer, clerk or secretary treasurer at Ivry-sur-le-Lac at (819) 321-2332.
  • The Vote will take place on November 5th from 10:00am to 8:00pm.  Please do not forget to bring proper identification.


Association of L’Amelioration du Lac Manitou et de ses Environs